5 Reasons To Buy Organic Food

Choosing organic food over food that is full of pesticides and additives will help you and your family live a healthier life.  You will be providing your family with healthier alternatives as well as supporting local community initiatives and better farming methods. 

Why Buy Organic Food?

I have always been someone that wanted to purchase the highest quality food products for my family and to ensure that what we are eating comes from healthy farming methods that are free of risky farming techniques.  Knowing that the meat I am feeding my family comes from animals that are not given growth hormones and added antibiotics puts a smile on my face.  Whenever I can, I always look for organic products so that I am making the best nutrition decisions for my family.

Organic farming / organic food

Where I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this is not difficult. Organic farming is still small in Malaysia but is on the rise and this report highlights some of the challenges and opportunities organic farmers are facing.  I am constantly asked why buying organic food is healthier since most people often say they can’t afford it.  My answer is always the same: When given the choice, why wouldn’t you?  Let’s look at 5 reasons why buying organic food is good for your family and your local community.

1. Organic Food Is Usually Fresher

The reason why food that you buy in the grocery store that is not organic can last for such a long time is that it is treated with preservatives.  These preservatives allow it to have a longer shelf life.  This is good for the grocery stores as they keep items on the shelf longer and it’s good for you because you can keep it in your fridge longer, right? Wrong.  Buying organic food means you are buying food that is not full of preservatives, therefore the shelf life is shorter and the food is fresher and ultimately tastier and healthier!

2. Eating Organic Food Often Means Supporting Local Farms

This is not always the case and you should always check where the organic food comes from. Sometimes it’s imported from other countries but if you are buying from your local market, more than likely it comes from a farm in your area.  Supporting local farms that focus on organic produce is a win-win situation.  You support good local farming techniques and local farms benefit from your support.  You also eat healthier in the process!  Research online what organic markets are available in your area and you will be surprised at how many options at good prices you actually have!

3. Buying Organic Food Is Healthier For You

If you buy organic food, you are buying food that is pesticide free. Pesticide exposure causes a range of neurological health effects, so even small does aren’t necessarily “safe.” Young children in developing nations are at risk of pesticide exposure just from living in the vicinity of farms that use them, so supporting organic agriculture means ultimately fewer children at risk. In the case of animal meat, it means the animals haven’t been given growth hormones. Meat and dairy treated with hormones is on of the biggest contributors to early onset menstruation and also is linked to the childhood obesity epidemic.

4. Buying Organic Food Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

The biggest complaint I hear about buying organic food is that it is too expensive. Firstly, I don’t put a price tag on my family’s health.  Secondly, if you employ a few easy shopping strategies you can keep the costs well within your budget.  Try buying from local farmers markets rather than big chain grocery stores.  In addition, try comparing the prices before making a purchase and make sure you are buying produce in season as this will always mean it’s cheaper than out of season produce.  

5. Buying Organic Food Helps Your Children Live Healthier Lives

If you buy organic food, you are helping your children to live healthier lives. At a young age, children’s bodies are more vulnerable to pesticides and additives and health risks start to become a reality.  It has been shown that children who are exposed at an early age to pesticides have a higher chance of developmental delays, behavioral disorders, autism and motor dysfunction. Buy organic and eat organic when you can and your entire family will benefit!  

organic food / organic food

Buying organic food doesn’t have to be difficult or costly.  The health benefits are huge for choosing organic food and I am so thankful that I make the decision to purchase organic produce and meats for my family when possible.  I enjoy making my son’s school lunches with organic ingredients and always choose organic fruit for our breakfast ideas.  Of course, it isn’t always easy but if you make an effort to think about this option when shopping you will be giving your family better options for clean and wholesome food that is free of additive, preservatives, and pesticides.

How To Make Healthy Meals Using Organic Ingredients

Cooking with the healthiest of ingredients didn’t always come “naturally” to me. I was motivated to learn to cook healthier meals using organic ingredients after having my son, and realizing I needed to provide him with the best food to support his growth and development.  Join one of Ankita’s Home Cooking classes to learn techniques for using organic ingredients to make delicious meals which will help you gain more confidence in preparing healthy meals for your family.


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