Cooking ClassesCooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Haven’t we heard it all before?

“……I miss my mum’s or grandma’s cooking”


“…..I wish I could reproduce dishes from this restaurant as it is so expensive to eat out now”


“…I wish to cook for my family but dunno how to start…”


“…You always cook the same stuff….so so boring”.


How about learning how to cook or improve your existing cooking skills. Cooking at home is simpler than you think. It’s healthier too. Knowing what you feed your family is important. RAISE HEATHLY EATERS!!!!

Cooking Classes: Beginner’s and Advance

chef-311369_640Realise Your Dream By Becoming Your Own INDIAN CHEF

Ankita’s Indian cooking classes are hands-on, informative and interactive. Each Four – hour class is followed by a sit-down meal. All classes are in the comfortable environment and ingredients and tools are provided.

You will learn dishes that are rooted in India’s age-old vegetarian/Non-vegetarian culinary traditions yet adapted to today’s kitchen and lifestyle.


Upon completion of the series, you will have learned over 40 recipes and possess a thorough understanding of the Indian vegetarian cooking tradition. Highly recommended for beginners and culinary connoisseurs alike.

1. THE BASICS OF THE NORTH INDIAN MEAL – Learn the basics of Indian spices. Carefully balanced and adapted to today’s kitchen, these meals are simple, balanced, authentic and flavorful. Roll your rotis (traditional flatbread). Stuff your own samosas (spicy stuffed potato pastry). Spice your own Masala Chai.

2. QUICK MEALS – Often there isn’t time to make a full meal after an exhausting day. Build your own foundation of spices and techniques. Learn healthy, quick and wholesome recipes for everyday living. The menu includes Aloo Puri (fried whole wheat flatbread with tandoori potatoes), Pav Bhaji (spiced mixed vegetables on an open flame) and Raita (spiced yogurt with cucumbers).

3. BASIC SOUTH INDIAN – Embark on the journey to the rich cuisine of south India. Learn to make coconut chutney (coriander and coconut relish) and dosa (flaky lentil crepes). Warm the spirit with Rasam soup (fiery tomato lentil ginger soup).

4. ADVANCED NORTH INDIAN – Adapted to the needs of today’s kitchen, this advanced class will transform your understanding and empower you to make the lavish and exquisite. The menu includes Saag Paneer (spicy sautéed spinach with homemade cheese), Pakoras (light crispy vegetable tempura with seasonal vegetables), Paratha (whole wheat layered buttered flatbread) and Daal Makhani (creamy traditional black lentils with onions and garlic).

Single Custom Classes are available and also Kids Healthy Bites and Western Cooking Classes are provided. 

    • Enjoy a hands-on dinner party!
    • Embark on a unique culinary journey with loved ones, friends and colleagues!
    • Inspire culture and teamwork in your workplace!
    • Celebrate your birthday or bachelorette party by exploring a new cuisine!
    • Make a father-daughter or mother-son cooking date!
    • Educate kids to eat healthy food!

    You and your friends will be welcomed to the comfort of our kitchen with tea infused with cardamom and cinnamon. You design your own class with recipes of your choosing. Each class includes tips on healthy and nutritious eating and preparation and a sit-down dinner. And the best part is that you have no dishes to clean afterwards!

    A few custom class suggestions:
    • Just curries
    • Snacks
    • Fusion cooking
    • Indian tapas
    • Cooking for two
    • Understanding spices
    • Chutneys and relishes
    • Regional Indian Cooking
    • Breads of India
    • Six Eggplant Recipes
    • Indian Sweets

    Ready to join a Class?
    We are always more happy to help. If you have any questions, please call us – 011 2314 1975. Or get in touch and we will respond within few hours.