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A Healthy Start

We love creating healthy and fun meals for kids! Good nutrition is so important to giving kids the energy boost they need to play and learn, so we make it our mission to create meals that not only appeal to their tastes, but also provide kids with all the nutrients they need. We have the fun party items kids crave, but we balance that out by serving lots of fruits and veggies, and offering wholegrain options.

Quality First

Ankita’s offerings are based around organic and locally sourced produce. Every effort is made to find organic, freshly baked breads and bakery items. We want the best for you and your children, and believe that this quality comes through in the taste.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are set to reflect the smaller portions children need. Choose to cater for the kids by selecting Bento Style boxes, a buffet, or party packs. Our pricing for kid’s meals ranges between RM15-RM50 per child. Drinks and desserts are an additional fee.